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Windows XP Service Pack 3

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Windows XP Service Pack 3

Počalji od Kima taj 28/10/2008, 11:38

Windows XP Service Pack 3

Not only is Windows XP Service Pack 3 alive and kicking, but Microsoft also managed to leak details about what the refresh will contain. The Redmond Company's policy when it comes down to future releases of the Windows platform is to gag all details. Windows XP SP3 is old news for Microsoft. And with the general availability of Windows Vista it was pushed to the background. But in all fairness, Microsoft never confirmed the cancellation of the third service pack for Windows XP. The company only scrapped it out of sight and under the rug with repeated delays.

The availability date for the first beta of Windows Vista SP1 was revealed by a U.S. Justice Department legal filing. Microsoft plans to deliver Vista SP1 beta by the end of 2007, but the date is of course nothing more than an estimation. By comparison, SP3 for Windows XP is currently planned for the first half of 2008. But Microsoft initially planned to deliver the third service pack for Windows XP in 2006, only to postpone the release to 2007 and then again to 2008.

Windows XP SP3, despite its collection of delays, will make it to the market, and Microsoft plans in integrate changes to Internet Explorer and to Windows Media Player into the refresh. "Microsoft has agreed to make changes to Windows XP, two Middleware Products, and Windows Live Messenger. The Windows Live Messenger changes have been delivered in the Windows Live Messenger 8.5 beta and will be included in the public release. Changes for Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player will be made available to users in August 2007 and Microsoft is discussing with the TC the delivery mechanism for those changes. The Windows XP changes will be incorporated into Service Pack 3 for Windows XP," revealed the U.S. Justice department in its filing.

The SP3 of Windows XP circulated in very small number testers [ likely smaller and from the equivalent that takes part in testing Vista SP1 ] and, according to reports, his size is 350MV. Update it includes fixes that correct more from 900 problems, many by which they have been solved with hotfixes that circulated afterwards the SP2.

- The code name build is 5.1.2600.3180 [ xpsp.070718-2058 ] and software it is found still in the stage Alpha, thing that means that is almost improbable [ in order to we do not say completely improbable ] with the current data him we see before the end 2007.

Unfortunately, for the dates of disposal of SP3 prevails the same confusion as for those of Vista SP1.

For more information here: Kod:

Kod: WinXpSp3.part1.rar WinXpSp3.part2.rar WinXpSp3.part3.rar WinXpSp3.part4.rar


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Datum upisa : 18.10.2008

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